Rin, the artist behind Drawing Wiff Waffles, has a YouTube channel where she creates videos highlighting different art supplies, tutorials, and much more. She has gained a large following through her time on YouTube but still does not have an official intro into her videos.
This intro incorporates many fun aspects from her brand and channel, including illustrative doodles, the shade of purple she’s known for, and of course, her quirky waffle logo. The intro begins by having doodles being drawn onto the screen. A pencil rolls over on them, turning them into actual images of the items. These items then shake around in a stop-motion style, and then turn back into doodles. Rin’s logo then pops up on the screen, allowing her video to continue.
I decided to incorporate actual images of the doodles since Rin continually creates art from real-life objects. I wanted to showcase her wide range of art skills through this simple animation.
Behind the entire animation is an upbeat song that fits well with the style of videos Rin creates.

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