When I first started my design internship at Service First Mortgage Company in 2020, they had just released their new sister company, Esign Title. The main identity had already been decided on before I joined, but they still needed a brand guidelines booklet for other employees to use to understand how each brand element should be used. I was able to design a execute this brand book, finding a way to showcase each brand element and how it should and should not be used.
In addition to the brand book, I was also put in charge of creating social media assets that could be posted on the company’s social pages. I was given free rein design-wise as long as I stuck with the brand’s colors and photography style. I was tasked to create several “warm and fuzzy” quote images, important holiday images, and title term definition graphics. Quite a few of these social assets allowed me to strengthen my animation skills by making simple animated GIFs, which I found to perform better than still images.
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