College is expensive. The perfect time to begin preparing for this major expense is while you’re still in high school. To help teach high-school-aged students about the importance of preparing financially for school early on, I have created this infographic board game. Older teenagers are known to have shorter attention spans, which means that a typical infographic would not catch their attention very easily. To help combat this, I decided to turn my infographic into a fun game that still teaches important lessons through interesting tactics.
The entire infographic consists of a blocked path in five different colors, representing five different sections of high school: freshman year, sophomore year, junior year, senior year, and the summer before college.

The infographic is mounted on a metal sheet, which lets the magnetic game pieces stick to the board while hanging on a wall. Each player picks a game piece and begins by selecting a corresponding action card to the section of the board they are currently in (ie. Freshman Year, Sophomore Year, etc.). Each of these cards gives the player an “action” they made as a student, a specific number of steps they can move on the board, and a helpful tip on how this action helps or harms them while preparing financially for higher education.
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