For some children, starting school can be a scary and anxiety-inducing event. To help combat this issue by preparing children before school begins comes Pocket of Peace. Pocket of Peace is a preparedness package that consists of fun design tactics and activities that help make going to school easier for a child. The three main activities include a night before school checklist, a 14 days before school calendar activity, and a bedtime storybook, along with other smaller activities.
There are two night-before-school checklists included: one blank and the other filled out. This helps the child not be afraid of forgetting something important and stressing out about it.
The 14 days before school calendar activity begins 14 days before the first day of school. There is an activity for each day that the child completes with a parent or guardian that helps prepare them for the upcoming school year.
The bedtime storybook, Brave Little Bunny, is a fully illustrated children’s book that teaches children how to overcome worries by talking about them. The main character in the story serves as a mascot for the entire campaign’s branding, showing up on many other products.
The visual identity across the entire campaign remains cohesive and aligns with each other, emphasizing an emotion of peace through comforting colors and soft typefaces.
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