While working as a paper crafts graphic designer at Hobby Lobby, I created one of the best-selling planner themes we call "retro vibes". This look incorporated a hand-rendered typeface I developed based on the font Posterama 1919 and several traditionally "retro" icons like daisies and smiley faces.

The designed portion of the planner consisted of the covers, a back folder, a hello page, a year-at-a-glance page, and eighteen unique dividers with corresponding monthly and weekly pages based on the template created by our planner brand, Agenda 52. I was able to use the template as a baseline while adding flair throughout the planner.

In addition to the planner created in this look, I was also able to lead the design on its corresponding sticker pack. This pack consists of thirty unique pages of stickers, utilizing clear and paper pages. Each page has a unique layout that pairs perfectly with the planner. I created each layout utilizing type and icons and then finished by spacing everything and adding dielines for the printer.

Other designers were then able to take what I created and add them to brand-new products for the store, creating an entire collection of Retro Vibes products.
(below images) A few of the dividers from the Retro Vibes Planner
The Cover Page
The Cover Page
(below images) A few of pages in the Retro Vibes Planner Sticker Pack
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